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Kelly is a highly experienced registered (cranial) osteopath and coach with a special interest in the mind-body connection. She has guided many people to better understand the metaphysical connection (and inseparable influence) between the physical body, mental perspective and emotional narrative (behind your symptoms). The metaphors and symbolism behind the symptom picture. Understanding the significance of there inherent interconnection, how they directly inform one another, and the resultant multilevel changes to your physical expression are so often key to success throughout your unique healing path. Kelly is committed to helping others to move beyond pain, to a far richer experience of wellbeing.

“I absolutely love discerning what’s hiding behind symptoms or surface issues. Guiding people through a process of personal growth and insight is fantastically rewarding. I see growing in awareness as one of the most important aspects of living. It leads to more liberated and fulfilled experiences — opening us up to the best of ourselves, and of life. Perhaps I can be a help to you?”   ~ Kelly Mckay

“Over 25 Years of Therapeutic Experience​.”


Looking for a combination of therapy that supports your physical and emotional wellbeing? Let’s discuss a combination that suits you.

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” ~Lao Tzu

Bodywork Services

Bodywork includes combinations of massage, structural & cranial osteopathy.

Coaching Services

Coaching includes BodyMind (body talk) coaching & integrative life coaching.

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Osteopathy (Bodywork)

Bodywork offers combinations of structural, cranial osteopathic approaches and massage. Your treatments will be applied with through a lens of holistic BodyMind wellbeing. All levels of your experience will be considered as viable gateways to optimising your healing.

BodyMind Connection

Discover more about the nature of ’BodyTalk’ – the foundation of BodyMind Gateway. It’ll help you better understanding the metaphors and symbolisms of your symptom picture – what they’re pointing to emotionally. You can uncover the (often unconscious) emotional narrative behind your physical symptoms and pain. Deepen your understanding of the origins of your dysfunction and pain as you explore a personal journey of healing, to optimise your experience of wellbeing.


Problems or difficulties in one area of your life can highlight limiting beliefs and subsequent behaviours that adversely effect other areas – including the physical level. Uncovering and positively reframing your core beliefs and perspective can be essential to establishing progressive ways to move forward. Could you benefit from exploring the emotions behind your physical symptoms? Maybe your feeling stuck, and unsure of the direction your heading in? Kelly offers a coaching style that supports the healing of both body and mind.


I’m excited that you’ve found your way onto the BodyMind Gateway platform. After 20 years in practice, I’ve arrived at a professional crossroad, where merging skills and experience gained from hands on bodywork, coaching (as well as my own growth journey) to be the most effective route in successfully facilitating holistic healing outcomes.  A perfect way for me to orchestrate healing through a multilevel approach.

What People Say…

“Kelly is a brilliant, incisive and compassionate healer. As well as being a fantastic osteopath she has an amazing ability to see the connection between thoughts, emotions and physical well-being. Her knowledge is great and her diagnosis is always on the money. I see her for back problems and the like, but always leave with my mind and spirit healed as well as my body. I cannot praise or recommend her highly enough.”

Mike. R (Writer/Comedian)​

“Kelly’s approach looks at both mind and body simultaneously. Having suffered from terrible daily migraines for a year I can only thank Kelly for the help she has provided me. She was the only person I seeked for help who looked at the initial cause of my problem. Through a mindful approach, life coaching, physical manipulation and cranial osteopathy I am finally starting to get my life back. Kelly is the most wonderful listener with thorough advice. I highly recommend anyone give her a try”.

Hazel. V (Artist)

“Kelly is a highly skilled practitioner and she helped me hugely both physically and emotionally during a very difficult time. Kelly is intelligent and perceptive and her kind and affable demeanour immediately put me at ease. I still use the meditation techniques she taught me and absolutely love them!”

Lola. R (carer)

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