About Kelly Mckay

Working in the field of health and wellbeing for over two decades has been such an amazing path to travel. It’s expanded my perspective in so many unexpected ways. However, my professional motivations and interest have been influenced by far more than clinical training and experience alone! Here are just a few of my interest so that you can gain a little more insight.

Fact File

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: Osteopath, Holistic Massage, Life Coaching, CBT, NLP, Counselling.

INTERESTS: Simplicity, meditation, wisdom, mindfulness practices, metaphysics, personal development, natural environments, travelling and creativity in general.

REGULAR PRACTICES: Meditation, Qigong & Cycling.

 ‘Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.’ — Lao Tzu.

Where the mind goes, the energy flows.

Wudang Mountain, in North-Western Hubei — China.


SELF VIEW? Facilitator of wellbeing. Compelled to walk a purposeful path (one that is uniquely my own).

Yoga & Meditation

In 1997, I began practising yoga, initiated my now 25 year interest in meditation. I’ve recently restarted my yoga practice after a 10 year gap (and loving it).

My meditation practice has continued to develop and grow as I enjoy a daily practice – supporting my intention to continue growing in insight, self awareness and step more fully into my potential.

Because I appreciate the power of mindfulness in my own life, I’ve naturally incorporated simple meditation techniques and support into my therapeutic approach. It ties in nicely with the subtleties of my cranial osteopathic approach and BodyMind work with others.

Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Qigong

I started training in Shaolin Kung Fu (along with my son) in 2014. In 2018, I extended my practice to include (Chen style) Tai Chi and Qi Gong with our teacher Shifu Yang of Shaolin Culture — a 34th generation Shaolin Disciple (since the age of 9). I feel blessed to be training under the guidance of such an authentic, and accomplished expert in the field. I’ve enjoyed the discipline, mindful and meditative aspects of the practice, as well as the restorative sense of vitality and wellness they so often bring. Regularly training alongside Shifu Yang and others who share our interest has truly been a  pleasure.

Bodywork Body Talk

Since the beginning of my practice as an Osteopath in 2001, I have enjoyed cultivating a growing body of knowledge and experience through helping others to realise their goals. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to observe the mental, emotional and spiritual interconnections that play out in tandem to the physical complaints which present — I have found this to be most fascinating. 

Overtime, I’ve harnessed an understanding of ‘Body Talk’ and my hands on appreciation of the way in which our internal state of harmony or dis-ease simultaneously

expresses on multiple levels of our being (illustrating to me the inseparable nature of mind-body-soul). I’ve really enjoyed deepening my understanding of the metaphors and symbolisms expressed through the body’s symptoms, and how they’re reflected in the inter-connections between the different levels of self  — my training, professional and personal experience have certainly played a key role in this journey.

Subtle Energy & Mind-Body connections

My continued practice of the Cranial-sacral approach (working with the body’s involuntary mechanism) over two decades has been instrumental in vastly enhancing and generating increasing amounts of trust in my intuitive ability, as well as refining my palpatory skills (a highly specialised sense of touch and ability to read the body’s subtle involuntary expressions). Working with the body’s subtle physical expressions has certainly enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the Mind-Body connection.

My long interest in metaphysics has also served to refine my capacity to pick up the subtle energies at play (which I

appreciate has come about as a result of the time and attention that I’ve given to observing others on the subtlest levels over the years — a process reflected in the esoteric saying, 

‘Where the mind goes, the energy flows’ 

meaning, what you give your attention to magnifies in your life experiences. Over the decades, I have learned to trust my intuitive guidance and  growth in ways which are uniquely my own.


Wellbeing coaching is a journey that began through a two decade long career as an physical therapist. Through my practice, I found myself spending more and more time supporting others through their healing journey – particularly in their understanding of the emotional aspects to their symptom picture. I quickly came to appreciate the verbal exchanges as an integral part of the resolution. I’ve found it a fascinating process. It’s pretty amazing when you observe life’s synchronistic flows – and where they aim to take you!

My integrative life coaching approach has become yet another avenue for deepening insight within myself, and others — which I really love. It’s a skill that I’m grateful to be able to harness in the creation of meaningful change in others – perhaps in you! There’s really nothing better than helping others to find the clarity and motivation they need to generate meaningful change in their lives. It’s extremely rewarding.


I have loved travelling and the wonderfully expansive experiences it has to offer.  I’ve enjoyed meditation and yoga practices in the ashrams and temples of Thailand and India, to the spiritually uplifting sounds of traditional African drumming, chanting and dance in West-Africa, and the healthful influences of veganism in Jamaica. It’s certainly opened my mind to many fantastically healthful practices.

In 2018, I travelled with my son to China where we were fortunate enough to train with several 34th generation

Shaolin disciples for two weeks of consolidated Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qigong Practice. We trained amidst the beautiful backdrops of Langya mountains and heights of Wudang mountains, as well as receiving a private invitation to the prestigious Shaolin Temple —Dengfeng. I participated in meditation training, talks, demonstrations, as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation delivered by several local indigenous practitioners. And I’m sure you know, travelling is a sure way to deepen and expand upon our perception of life as we know it!

I like to think that my life experiences will continue to lead me towards greater levels of expansive awareness, joy and insight. This to me is a very exciting prospect!

Kelly Mckay