Work with Kelly 1-2-1



Online ‘BodyMind’ Coaching

Book a 1-2-1 online BodyMind (BodyTalk) coaching session (via Zoom) exploring the symbolism & metaphors behind your unique set of physical symptoms. Discover the emotional narrative behind your discomfort & pain. Develop a more healthful narrative, affirmations and plan for wellbeing.

Online Life Coaching

Book a 1-2-1 online coaching session (via Zoom) to explore your unique set of goals. Discover the subconscious narratives behind your self limiting habits, behaviours and beliefs, before exploring and progressively integrating a new beneficial perspective that serves your growth journey. You’ll be supported through a process of meaningful steps towards change.

In-House Coaching

Book an in-house 1-2-1 coaching session in a comfortable private setting on Upper Street Islington, N1. Discover the emotional narrative behind your discomfort & pain and/or be coached through a beneficial process of life changes. Cultivate a healthful new of seeing whats possible. Together we’ll formulate a plan for your healing.

In-House Bodywork (& Coaching)

Book an in-house 1-2-1 Bodywork session in a comfortable private setting on Upper Street Islington, N1. Receive a deep reaching blend of hands on Osteopathy, and Coaching to discover ways to support your progression along your healing journey. the emotional narrative behind your discomfort & pain.

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.’ 
~Lao Tzu


Please use the contact form for bookings or general enquiries. Alternatively, email:


Treatments are covered by most major insurance companies (registration number: 4645). However, please check with your provider prior to booking. 

Cancellations & Refunds

Please provide 24 hours notice of cancellation (where possible). Refunds will be given in exceptional circumstances (and at the practioners discretion). Typically, there is a no refund policy.



She heals, and she makes the world a better place.’

Robert. B (Actor)

Best Osteopath I’ve ever had, she’s amazing, I have been treated by her in various locations for nearly twenty years, such a calming energy .. always there to resolve the issues I’m having physically and emotionally. I like to see a practitioner that practices both structural and cranial approaches as I always need both in a treatment to deal with the stresses, strains and pains of life…I always feel so much more balanced after a treatment.

Gill. C (Artist)

“I attend cranial appointments with Kelly McKay. She is a wonderful practitioner and it has changed my life. From recovering from an operation to overall heath and well-being. It is a highlight of any week going to see her because I always feel so energised and more grounded afterwards. Kelly is a very kind, understanding, gentle and knowledgeable lady who is a true asset to Neal’s Yard.”

Rita. H (Architect Assistant)