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Cranial Osteopath Islington

Treatment of a female patient by a Cranial Osteopath Islington


Looking for specialist Cranial Osteopath in Islington? Kelly McKay is a registered cranial osteopath based on Upper Street, Islington, N1. She graduated in 2001 from the British School of Osteopathy, going on to complete 2 year diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (dpo). The dpo uses a cranial osteopathy as it’s primary approach in the treatment of expectant mothers, babies and young children.

Greater London Enterprise Awards.​​

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Best Cranial Osteopathy Service Provider Award
BodyMind Gateway: 2022 Awardee.

Clinical Experience

Kelly has over two decades of experience, offering a high standard of Osteopathic healthcare to both adults and children. Her experience and skill allows her to detect subtle changes in the body’s ‘Cranial Rhythm’ and ‘Involuntary Mechanism’, caused by disturbances to the body’s natural balance. This Highly Developed Sense Of Touch enables her to pick up areas of tension, imbalance and dysfunction  within the muscular-skeletal framework, where subtle adjustments are used to release deep patterns of stress and strain within the body.

Kelly’s two decades of experience offers the high standard of Osteopathic expertise to re-direct her clients back to optimum balance.


Kelly has been in continued practice for over 20 years. , She has been based in the last 13 years my practice is has been located at 295 Upper street Islington within the Neal’s Yards Remedies Therapy Rooms, where I began working back in 2009 (when it first opened its doors). In 2020, she expanded her practice (a little further along Upper Street) to The Canonbury Natural Health Clinic (close to Highbury & Islington Station).


Structural & Cranial Osteopathy Islington.


Kelly offers Cranial Osteopathy in Islington for young children, adults and the elderly.

》295 Upper Street Islington , N1 (Neal’s Yards Remedies – Therapy Rooms)
》265 Upper Street Islington, N1 – The Canonbury Natural Health Clinic. 

What Clients Say…

“Kelly has such a calm and gentle way with babies and I really appreciated this.
As a new mum, you of course want people who come into contact with your child to treat them and hold them the same way that you do – and that’s exactly what I got. My daughter warmed to her immediately and gave her lots of smiles! Although my daughter has never been a ‘challenging’ baby, I saw a subtle but noticeable difference in her after each treatment. After the first treatment, she carried far less tension in her neck and shoulders and breastfed in a more relaxed way (we were having some troubles with feeding in certain positions before). After the second treatment (at a time when my partner and I were both quite stressed which I feel was rubbing off on her), she was much calmer and settled back to her usual cheerful self within a day or two. 
All in all, I would highly recommend Kelly’s services – both for adults (I have had many wonderful sessions with her) but especially for babies. The way in which she was able to so gently and profoundly help settle my daughter into her natural way of being was truly incredible and I’m very grateful for her work.”
Ty. O~

“Always gentle and non-invasive, Kelly’s treatments have brought more flow and ease, openness and increased range of motion in my body. They have helped me greatly with chronic pain and stress, in releasing tension and soothing my nervous system, and feeling more balanced overall.

Kelly creates a safe space and radiates warmth, compassion, and genuineness. She is highly perceptive and always brings helpful insights to the treatment. In this way her approach is truly whole-istic, working on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Kelly puts her heart and soul into her healing practice, which is underpinned by her knowledge and expertise. I have complete trust in Kelly as a practitioner and I can’t recommend her enough.”
Sophie. R~

”I have come to Kelly for many years. She has always made me feel better in body and mind. Her knowledge inspires me with total confidence. I alwayscome away from seeing Kelly feeling better in my body and mind. She heals, and she makes the world a better place.’
Robert. B ~

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