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Osteopathy for Arthritis Pain Relief in Islington

If you suffer from pain and stiffness in your joints, you are not alone. The fast pace of life in London and the weight of daily stresses can present itself in many ways, with arthritis impacting roughly 1 in 6 people who are living with pain, fatigue and immobility.

At BodyMind Gateway, Kelly McKay, an experienced Islington-based osteopath, offers a holistic approach to alleviating the discomfort of arthritis using use a range of gentle manipulative movements and massage techniques.

Addressing arthritic pain through osteopathy techniques

Understanding Osteoarthritis vs. Rheumatoid Arthritis

It’s important to distinguish between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. While both cause joint pain, their origins differ:

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system attacks the joints, causing inflammation and stiffness throughout the body.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition caused by “wear and tear” on the joints. The cartilage cushioning the bones wears down, leading to pain and reduced mobility. This condition typically affects the hips, knees, spine, hands, wrists, feet, and ankles.

Can Osteopathy Help Arthritis?

While osteopathy cannot cure arthritis, it can significantly improve your quality of life by:

Supporting Pain Relief: Kelly’s osteopathic techniques can help manage pain associated with arthritis by addressing underlying issues like muscle tension and joint stiffness.

Increasing Range of Motion: Considerate manipulations and mobilisations can increase flexibility in arthritic joints, making your daily activities easier.

Kelly's Osteopathic Approach for Arthritis

Your osteopathy appointment at BodyMind Gateway will be tailored to your individual needs. Kelly utilises a combination of techniques, including:

This highly-developed sense of touch helps Kelly identify areas of restriction and dysfunction.

These techniques improve circulation, and flexibility, and reduce muscle tension around arthritic joints.

Strategic and sensitive manipulations can improve joint alignment and range of motion.

The Holistic Approach to Managing Arthritic Pain

When visiting BodyMind Gateway’s osteopath clinic in London, you will be exposed to the profound benefits that this traditional, non-invasive approach to pain management offers. After Kelly has conducted a consultation, she will proceed to begin the physical examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Post-treatment, you may achieve the following results:

Enhanced blood flow delivers essential nutrients to the joints, promoting healing and reducing stiffness.

Kelly’s gentle manipulations can help improve joint mobility and range of motion, making everyday activities easier.

By addressing postural imbalances and misalignments, osteopathy can improve overall biomechanics, reducing stress on arthritic joints.

Tight muscles around arthritic joints can exacerbate pain. Specific osteopathic massage techniques can help relax these muscles and alleviate the discomfort associated with arthritis.

The BodyMind Difference

BodyMind Gateway goes beyond just physical manipulation. Kelly’s approach encourages you to explore the connection between your emotional and physical well-being. This holistic perspective empowers you to understand how stress and other emotional factors can influence your arthritis symptoms.

Kelly’s osteopathy for arthritis not only implements gentle manual techniques and massage to address and manage physical pain but also incorporates education and self-care strategies to support long-term joint health. Kelly explores the emotional aspects of arthritis for a more integrated approach to healing.


Relieving stiffness & pain through gentle manipulation

Book an Appointment at Kelly’s Osteopath Clinic in Islington Today

If you are looking for osteopaths in London who can help offer arthritic pain relief, reach out to Kelly at BodyMind Gateway. Kelly’s holistic approach to osteopathy can help you manage your arthritis symptoms and vastly improve your quality of life. Schedule your consultation today and experience relief from pain and improved well-being.

Osteopathy Clinics in London – (based in two prime locations as well as online):

Neal’s Yard Remedies (Therapy Rooms):

295 Upper Street Islington, London N1, 2TU.

Text: 020 7359 4145

The Canonbury Natural Health Clinic:

265 Upper Street Islington, London N1 2UQ.

Text: 07862 732 112

BodyMind Coaching Islington (& Online)

“I’m incredibly grateful for the input, encouragement and guidance she has given me.”

Life coach – Islington (in person)
Online (via Zoom)

Are you in the midst of battling chronic pain or acute ill health? Perhaps you could benefit by understanding more around the inseparable links between the body and mind! Kelly’s unique BodyMind approach addresses the emotions and mindset behind the symptom picture. She offers an integrative style, combining a range of therapeutic approaches to get to the root cause of your physical complaint – helping you to understand your symptoms on a deeper level. You’ll be sensitively guided through an exploration of the psycho-emotional context and its impact on your symptom picture.

Kelly’s background as a registered Osteopath (with more than two decades of experience) have provided her a wealth of experience in the field of wellbeing. She has come to understand the BodyMind emotional mapping well. Her coaching style also draws from her own personal growth journey and sound ‘inner-standing‘ of what it takes to successfully cultivate wellbeing through a refreshed perspective, intention and action steps.

Kelly’s offers unique a therapeutic approach steeped in knowledge, insight and hands on experience.

What To Expect

“You left me with lots to think about, you have simplified my thoughts into action plans, in just one session.”

Each session takes you through a process of personal discovery,  deepening understanding, and clarity towards reaching your goals. You’ll be encouraged to progressively take meaningful action steps.

The process will unfold through a series of discussions (at a pace that you are comfortable with). Together we’ll draw insight from your past, as a means to better understanding your current values, habits behaviours. The direction and pace for progressive changes will be determined by your unique needs and preferences. It’s perfectly ok if you need to begin at a slower pace, taking smaller (but no less significant) steps!

Typically, an average of 6 sessions allows for a good foundation to explore where you are at with your present day challenges. Further sessions may be necessary to integrate progressive changes and achieve the progress that you desire. The individual needs, skillset and available resources will vary between individuals.

Over a series of sessions, you can expect to be supported through:

  • Clarifying your goals
  • Exploring the sticking points in your life
  • Looking at the emotional narrative behind your physical symptoms & pain
  • Renewing your perspective of past and present experiences
  • Reducing fear & anxiety
  • Moving beyond blame or shame
  • Building self esteem & confidence
  • Increasing feelings of self acceptance, contentment and emotional ease
  • Identifying patterns of thinking, behaviour and habits holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Exploring ways to move beyond your self limiting beliefs & behaviours
  • Developing positive new (healthful) habits
  • Improving your motivation and focus 
  • Finding the best (and most actionable) steps to bring you closer to your desired outcome
  • Discovering your life purpose
  • Exploring the benefits of relaxation (for improved health)
Woman looking happy (celebrating freedom).
Choose to live your best life!

If you’re ready to:

  • Take ownership of the direction that your life is taking?
  • Become proactive in your personal advancement and healing journey
  • Make new self empowered choices
  • Take action to reach your goals?

You could greatly benefit from BodyMind Life Coaching.

Kelly’s mission is to empower and to remind you that you absolutely have what it takes to generate positive new change for yourself. Her coaching style may be exactly what you need to support your forward momentum – guiding your path towards fulfilling your aspirations!

Are you ready to put your best foot forward, and unleash for your greatest potential? A few sessions may well be all you need to gain momentum.  To book, send your enquiry to: info@bodymindgateway.net

What Clients Say…

“My first life coaching experience was very uplifting, instead of looking down on myself for not completing certain things or not being exactly where I want to be in life, I was given realistic ways to make it a reality.”

Soriyah B (Singer)
“I can’t recommend Kelly highly enough. I instantly felt a strong connection through her calm, spiritual and intellectual energy. I personally could not have thought of or trust someone better to help me through this journey of self exploration. Kelly is a naturally kind, compassionate and incredibly grounded. She listens without bias and judgement and guides you in such a way, which allows you to open up to see some of the deepest emotions and experiences buried deep inside that you may not even knew where there!”
Nav. G (IT/Mother)

I must say I was not sure what will be the end result, but I am now blown away! You left me with lots of things to think about, you have simplified my thoughts into action plans, just in one session. I am looking forward to our second session.”

Nonceba. K (Business owner)

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