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Welcome to Mind Body Gateway, your dedicated space for holistic healing in London. Kelly, a registered osteopath with more than 22 years of experience and a certified life coach, promotes understanding the complex relationship between the mind and body and aids in both personal and physical development.

Kelly Mckay registered osteopath and founder of BodyMind Gateway (in her osteopathic consultation room).
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About Kelly

Kelly brings a wealth of expertise to the field, blending her extensive background as a registered London osteopath with the insights gained as a certified life coach. Her unique approach involves uncovering psycho-emotional factors that may impact the symptom picture through the mind-body connection. Having guided numerous individuals towards a deeper understanding of the inseparable relationship between the physical body, mental perspective, and emotional narrative, Kelly is committed to facilitating a journey beyond dysfunction and pain towards richer experiences of wellbeing.

Find Holistic Wellbeing in London

Cranial osteopathy is just one of several osteopathy and life coaching-integrated services offered by Mind Body Gateway. Recognising the complex relationship between the mind and body is essential for attaining genuine wellness in today’s fast-paced environment, where worry and stress are prevalent.

Kelly combines cranial osteopathy to relieve tension patterns with structural osteopathy, which includes joint manipulations, mobilisations, and stretches. Kelly also incorporates her training and experience as a massage therapist into her treatment approach. Furthermore, Body Mind Gateway provides cranial osteopathic treatment for children, a specialty of paediatric osteopathy. We will look at how the setting of psycho-emotional pressures affects general health, wellbeing, and responsiveness while addressing symptoms.

Kelly’s approach to treating symptoms is to look at both mechanical and physical disturbances as well as emotional disturbances, as they will both contribute to the disease.

The Bodymind Approach: This approach goes beyond traditional osteopathy. By incorporating life coaching techniques we will address not only physical ailments but also the underlying emotional and mental factors contributing to them. This holistic approach empowers individuals to achieve long-lasting wellbeing and a deeper understanding of themselves.

Why Choose Mind Body Gateway?

Holistic Healing: Recognising that physical symptoms are often interconnected with emotional and mental wellbeing. Our approach aims to address the root causes rather than just treating the symptoms.

Personalised Treatment Plans: By combining osteopathy with life coaching techniques, Kelly provides a personalised treatment plan for each individual, acknowledging the unique aspects of their journey.

Active Participation: Through the integrated body-mind approach, Kelly empowers individuals to take an active role in their healing journey, supporting them in achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.

BodyMind Gateway
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Fenella RogersFenella Rogers
10:39 16 Apr 23
Kelly’s an extremely empathetic and knowledgeable practitioner whom I would highly recommend. I came to her for help with back pain and she was able to treat this very successfully. She listens carefully, guides well and manages expectations. She is lovely person, someone you can place your trust in.
Sophie RobinsonSophie Robinson
14:53 04 Jan 23
Always gentle and non-invasive, Kelly’s treatments have brought more flow and ease, openness and increased range of motion in my body. They have helped me greatly with chronic pain and stress, in releasing tension and soothing my nervous system, and feeling more balanced overall.Kelly creates a safe space and radiates warmth, compassion, and genuineness. She is highly perceptive and always brings helpful insights to the treatment. In this way her approach is truly whole-istic, working on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Kelly puts her heart and soul into her healing practice, which is underpinned by her knowledge and expertise. I have complete trust in Kelly as a practitioner and I can’t recommend her enough.
Amanda FalksonAmanda Falkson
20:54 13 Oct 22
With hypermobility in my joints, I occasionally have very painful episodes that Kelly and her magic hands rescues me from. Kelly is both highly intuitive and experienced, giving her instinctive precision which leads her straight to where the problem is. Using cranial osteopathy she gently and reassuringly eases me out of spasm. I’ve needed osteopathic help all of my adult life and have seen many practitioners – Kelly’s skill is incomparable – added to which she’s such a lovely person and adds way more to our sessions than solely physical – she is wonderful to talk to as well. I trust her implicitly and recommend her highly. If there was a 6 star review I would give it.
Raj DhaliwalRaj Dhaliwal
12:00 17 Oct 21
I have been seeing Kelly as an osteopathy client for several years and I can attest to her being an excellent healer. Kelly not only has the technical expertise on a physical level, but uses an holistic approach to combine the physical with the mental and spiritual. She is a natural life coach, an innate ability which is evident from the first time you meet her!Every session with Kelly creates space and understanding taking healing to a higher level. Kelly is a true professional with a very grounded presence and I can truly say I walk away feeling elevated after every session. All my appointments have been an experience and sessions of growth and reflection which is so much more than I expected and I simply cannot recommend her services enough!
Lola RosenthalLola Rosenthal
19:36 27 Jul 21
Kelly is a highly skilled practitioner and she helped me hugely both physically and emotionally during a very difficult time. Kelly is an intelligent and perceptive osteopath and her kind and affable demeanour immediately put me at ease. I still use the meditation techniques she taught me and absolutely love them !
Nav GillNav Gill
19:14 09 May 21
I have known Kelly for years, not only has she treated me and my family in relation to osteopathy, she’s also treated my children for cranial and now me again with life coaching.I can’t recommend Kelly highly enough. I instantly felt a strong connection through her calm, spiritual and intellectual energy. I was extremely pleased when she started offering life coaching, as I personally could not have thought of or trust someone better to help me through this journey of self exploration.Kelly is a naturally kind, compassionate and incredibly grounded. She listens without bias and judgement and guides you in such a way, which allows you to open up to see some of the deepest emotions and experiences buried deep inside that you may not even knew where there!Thank you Kelly for your time and guidance, always making me feel calm,balanced and restored after speaking with you.

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