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BodyMind Gateway Gift (& Prepaid) Cards

Are you ready to take charge of managing your physical and mental condition for the better (while also saving money)? Then a regular osteopathic maintenance plan might just be the solution for you. Choose from a range of prepaid care plans for your own wellbeing, or purchase gift cards for your loved ones.

Self Care Cards

As an existing client, you’re likely already aware of the health advantage of regular osteopathic treatment ad massage. So, perhaps it’s the right time for you to commit to improving and maintaining your health and wellbeing? A self care (regular maintenance plan) could be your most best solution! With regular – weekly sessions of osteopathy, therapeutic massage and/or life coaching, you’ll likely feel (and function!) much better than you have done in years! You could also benefit from up to 3 FREE sessions (that’s a huge saving of up to £435!). It’s the perfect wellbeing gift from you – to you!  

Gift Cards

Have you recently benefited from a treatment with Kelly? Perhaps you’d like to introduce someone special to the health benefits of osteopathic self care. Maybe you’re interested in gifting sessions to somebody who would like to continue their treatments with Kelly? What could be better than sharing the gift of restored physical and mental wellbeing. You’ll have the opportunity to add a personalised message within your gift card. It’s a gift choice loaded with huge potential for personal reward.

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How To Redeem gift cards

It’s easy to redeem your gift card, simply present digital gift cards via your smart phone device (where the bar code will be scanned for quick verification). Gift cards can be stored in variety of ways (including Apple Pay and Android devices). Alternatively, you may present a paper version where the unique gift code will be verified. Any unused balances be available for future bookings. All gift cards are valid for 6 months from purchase date. Booking details will be forwarded with each gift card.

Prepaid Cards Terms & Conditions
  1. BodyMind Gateway Gift cards / Self Care Cards must be produced either digitally or in printed form to each booked session.
  2. A maximum of X3 discounted gift cards may be purchased by any one person (during a sale).
  3. Prepaid card  balances must be used prior to expiry date (either 3 or 6 months from purchase date – unless stated otherwise).
  4. Any balance remaining after expiry is not transferable.
  5. There is a no refund policy.
  6. BodyMind Gateway prepaid cards are not for re-sale.
  7. For use at BodyMind Gateway (Upper Street Islington, London, N1) with Kelly Mckay only.

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