Meditation & Intention For Self Healing: Beginning

Meditation allows me to create a clear space to turn my attention inward. To slow my thoughts, expand my awareness and notice where I’m at. It is about turning my attention towards the inner deeper aspects of myself. From this conscious connection to my inner self, I am able to increasingly bring my deeper knowing and truth into my conscious awareness – so that I can embody and live out those deeper truths. It is a fundemental part of my process of growth. When I make time for myself in this way, my understanding of what I need in This moment is able to come through more clearly. This has strengthen and grown over time. I have come to trust myself through daily practice. It is now a comfortable and familiar process, one that I really value. It is my time to rebalance myself and heal.

My practice begins with a few simple relaxing, breaths. I follow the rate, and the rhythm of the sensation of filling up as I inhale, and expansive release through my lungs, and diaphragm as I exhale. This allows me to more easily let go. The slowing of my breath contributes to the slowing of my thoughts and relaxation in my body. Connecting to the slow steady pace of my breath, supports my intention to align with a relaxed, calm, clear and expansive potential. From here I can go anywhere.

As I begin to settle into relaxed deep breathing, a clear clear intention will usually present itself. A state of Being or an overall goal to move towards. One that will counter balance, resolve or positively enhance my current state and shift me towards my new intented state. A quality that will significantly contribute to my sense of wellbeing, ease and synchronous flow that I consciously call in. I choose to go about creating this new alignment in a few ways. Visualisations, Mantras, Affirmations and Intentions. Always aiming to keep my process light, simple and within my reach.

Visualisations are a simple and at times playful way for me to create new states of being – a means for me to formulate the perfect picture to step into or experience. A mental picture that allows me to more easily connect with a more harmonious sense of wellbeing that I choose for myself. In my minds eye, anything is possible as I construct a scene that is well suited to transporting me from where I am currently. A scene of my own choosng or making. I can reconnect to any moment that I have experienced in the past. Or I can create an entirely new, idealic picture for myself that presents the perfect conditions for my healing.

When I visualise, I transport myself into my chosen picture in my minds eye. I allow myself to steadily see the details of the scene and imagine that I am really there. I use my senses to see, hear, smell and perhaps even touch my surroundings as fully as I can. To connect my mind, body and soul to the harmonious effects of what it could be like to ‘Actually’ be there or experience this state of being. The more I allow myself to feel the connection, the more relaxed I feel, and the more I am able to embody this new state and mindset. For example, if I choose a scene where I’m resting on a riverbank in a beautiful landscape that brings tranquility, I will allow myself ample time to take in that scene as fully as I am able into my sense. To feel the grass under my body, to hear the trickling sound of the water flowing and birds singing nearby, to smell the scent of flowers all around me. I will bask in that scene, smile to myself inwardly and feel myself restored as I align with the healing potential of this tranquil space.

When I meditate, I will often use mantra to generate an internal shift within myself. Having taken the time and space to first observe how I’m feeling, I can then choose what it is that I would like to call in this moment. what I would like to now feel in order to embody a more desirable state, one that is in keeping with my overall sense of balance and wellbeing. I choose a quality or state to connect with, for example; “I let go”. and begin to align myself with my healing mantra. I breath in deeply and exhale fully as I state my mantra slowly and clearly in my mind. As I state the mantra, I feel the truth of the words begin to radiate throughout my body. I feel myself progressively let go in all parts of my body. in my chest as I exhale. And in my limbs, my head, my face, my mind, my emotions – everywhere. I do this in no particular order. I follow my intuitive guidance as I move with the flow of my breath. I know that each out breath is a completely new opportunity to feel, to experience the feeling of letting go. I simply trust, breath and steadily embody more and more of my new intention – the feeling of letting go. I do not question or analyse, I only trust, feel and see that I AM in full alignment with my mantra – and keep my awareness on the sensation of letting go with each breath. I do not wander too far from the original intention and knowledge of the trust I have in my process. When my thoughts wander, I let that be OK and simply return to my mantra and the feeling the I am creating without any judgement.There are many states that I can call in during my meditation practice. Peace, clarity, stillness, strength, resilience, joy, love, confidence, trust, vitality, contentment, ease, harmony, balance, truth among others. I use my breath as a carrier wave to enhance my sense of connection to my chosen state. To project the state outward, to manifest. To expand myself into it its restorative quality. To feel its truth as though it is already unfolding. In my mind, body and soul.

I can choose to use affirmations as a way to consciously generate a shift in my own mindset and intention, to expand on what I consciously see possible for myself, to energetically call healing into a specific part of my body or aspects of myself and align myself to this chosen potential. I begin by observing my current state and what is needed before creating a simple statement that counters my dis-harmonic state or symptom. I state my affirmation slowly and clearly within my own mind and allow myself time to feel the truth of my words – as though they are already true. I allow myself to experience any contentment or joy associated with their truth. When I begin to feel its truth resonate within, I stay with the feeling for a while to allow my connection to deepen, to resonate throughout my body. The more I focus on feeling its quality, the more it grows. When I begin to feel a sense of bouancy or elation, I know that I have generated enough momentum in my chosen direction. Now all that remains is to consciously align my choices and actions as continue on with my day.

I use affirmations to support improvements to physical states and symptoms, to shift how the symptomatic area feels to me in this moment. I am essentially re-directing my energy towards a more optimum or desirable state of being. For instance, if I know that my headaches are a result of my overthinking and self criticism, I can use this as the basis for a new restorative intention. I will choose to affirm a more kind, compassionate and supportive attitude and gratitude towards and within myself. To trust myself wholeheartedly. I can affirm this in my mind or aload. I go with what feels best for me in each moment. And as I do so, I invite myself to feel the truth of my words. To feel that I AM NOW in a state of kind, compassionate loving support towards myself. I can let this feeling wash over me, to radiate through me as I relax into its truth with each exhale. To feel its truth throughout all of my senses. To physically connect with the sensation of any tension in and around my head and neck releasing with each breath, and feel any pressure dissipate as I let go. To open up to the fullness of my body as I release the intensity of my thoughts and ungrounded energy. I can now more fully experience what this new affirmed state of mind and state of Being means for me as I go forwards.

My meditation practice is fluid. I may start with an intention to use a visualisation, whilst remaining very open to being guided towards other ways of aligning with my intention. I can be in any comfortable position that I choose. I will go with what feels right in the moment. And so, my meditation can unfold differently each time, and that is perfectly ok. What IS important is establishing a clear intention and sensory connection during my inner explorations. When I am able to fully connect to the feeling and truth of my intention, I know that I have a achieved my desired goal. That I Am shifting my conscious state of awareness and state of Being. To direct my mindset, emotional state and intention in ways that align me to new potentials for growth, healing and other higher states of being. My practice is an opportunity for me to observe myself, clarify my self awareness and intention. I then have the task of outpicturing this expression by living in conscious alignment with my chosen intention – through my words, choices and actions. How I show up in the world is born out of this deeper state of awareness and Being. Therefore, my practice is ongoing as I endeavour to continue observing myself through my integration and embodiment of growing awareness and higher states of being in each moment that follows.


Kelly Mckay

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