Kelly Mckay registered osteopath and founder of BodyMind Gateway (in her osteopathic consultation room).

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I offer a holistic MindBody Wellbeing approach to healing in a relaxed and supportive environment. You’ll have ample opportunity to discuss your physical complaints and  emotional challenges, along with any other concerns that you may have.

You’ll be taken through a ’step by step’ process. This will include being guided through: 

  • A timeline of your physical condition/s
  • Clarifying the emotional narrative/origins of your symptoms
  • Summarising the physiological and physical cascade of effects (which link the emotional and physical landscape)
  • Working through ways to effectively process your emotions
  • Reframing your narrative in ways that serve you
  • Clarifying any additional goals that you may have, before deciding on a course of (manageable) actionable steps to help you achieve them.

You’ll be supported through a process of deepening understanding, coping tools and change surrounding your personal issue (helping you to regulate (and optimise) your emotional and physical status as you move through your healing.

As a practicing (registered) osteopath with over 20 years experience, certified life coach and counsellor, I’m well placed to help you manage your healing (using the BodyMind connection). I’ll use my lengthy experience  with various meditation practices (and intention) to support your process of change.

Coaching sessions take place in-clinic (Upper Street Islington, London, N1) or online via Zoom. Additional details will follow our first scheduled meeting.

Who do I work with?

Women and men looking for deep insights into their acute or chronic physical state. Those who are open to exploring the emotions behind their physical symptoms, and ready to move through a process of meaningful change on multiple levels.

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Client testimonials

“Kelly is a brilliant, incisive and compassionate healer. As well as being a fantastic practitioner she has an amazing ability to see the connection between thoughts, emotions and physical well-being. Her knowledge is great and her diagnosis is always on the money. I see her for back problems and the like, but always leave with my mind and spirit healed as well as my body. I cannot praise or recommend her highly enough.”
Mike. R (Writer/Comedian)

“I had my first treatment with Kelly more than 10 years ago when I was a school teacher and she has supported my physical and emotional health ever since. Now, as a therapist myself, I appreciate how much her wisdom and compassion also work to facilitate the healing of mind and body. Kelly is an awesome practitioner.”

Helena. B (Reflexologist) 

“Kelly is a highly skilled practitioner and she helped me hugely both physically and emotionally during a very difficult time. Kelly is intelligent and perceptive and her kind and affable demeanour immediately put me at ease. I still use the meditation techniques she taught me and absolutely love them!”
Lola. R (Carer)

“I have come to Kelly for many years. She has always made me feel better in body and mind. Her knowledge inspires me with total confidence. I always come away from seeing Kelly feeling better in my body and mind. She heals, and she makes the world a better place.”
Robert. B (Actor)


“Every session with Kelly creates space and understanding taking healing to a higher level. Kelly is a true professional with a very grounded presence and I can truly say I walk away feeling elevated after every session. All my appointments have been an experience – sessions of growth and reflection which is so much more than I expected. I simply cannot recommend her services enough.”
Raj. D (I.T)

“I must say I was not sure what will be the end result – but I am now blown away! You left me with lots of things to think about, you have simplified my thoughts into action plans, just in one session. I am looking forward to our second session.”
Nonceba. K (Business Owner)

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