The Jewel Of True Sadhana On The Path To Yoga

©️Paulius Savickas – Lucid Flow Yoga

Dear reader, this article is my response to Kelly’s invitation to write to an article about Yoga. My name is Paulius and I am a Yoga instructor and therapist. At the same time I know that my name is not adding any extra value to this article because I believe that ultimate truth is always universal and doesn’t belong to any individuals even if they are experiencing it and talking about it. Also, ultimately, Yoga is about transcending all the names and forms. So I’ll try my best to deliver a message from the state which is not so much bound to my “earthy” personality. Not to deny it, but to maintain a wider perspective.

From Becoming To Being

Crystal-clear water of the river in Himalayas – Himachal Pradesh, India ©Paulius Savickas

First of all, Yoga is the ability to be exactly as you already are and always been by “dropping out” of the game of becoming. I know that sounds a bit mysterious… But what is it? Is it an action requiring a special effort? A discipline? A special technique? (I’ll do my best to keep my balance while standing on the tricky edge of paradox: talking about the limitless, by using the words which themselves by nature are meant to draw the limits). So, “dropping out” of the becoming is not really an effect of some special cause. It is more like finding oneself beyond the game of cause and effect. Now, look inside and try to answer for yourself – who’s driving the process of becoming? (pause, don’t be in a rush). Yes, the thoughts and the desires. So many of them! If you are not an enlightened person (yet) those thoughts and desires are continuously pushing you to be different then you already are (that also includes that famous desire to be enlightened hehe).

Usually it’s a constant strive to be somehow “better” than you already are. Now, if you reflect on the feeling generated by the desire of becoming – how does it taste like? For me it’s like a lack of fulfilment. Should I call it discontentment, or even suffering? I have noticed it varies in intensity from person to person…

Let’s carry on. Ability to see the inner workings of the own mind is a first very valuable step. What’s next? Is there any way to cut the loop of generating discontentment? How to “drop out” from that constant game of thoughts and desires to become? Let me suggest that the key here is the inner intuition which helps to BE before externalising anything into own thoughts or desires. (pause to check if it’s really true) Your own intuition has an ability to show how to evenly distribute the attention to the present experience, how to see everything what is. And by “doing” so the waves caused by the opposites are gradually diminishing. Ultimately they are disappearing. You are what you have always been, there’s nothing to add, nothing to take away, just to embrace it. Now there’s a clear ocean where the one who sees is seen by oneself. Yoga 

(you can pause here if you want to explore it more fully).

The Light Of The Ancient Teachings

Yoga asana practice in Victoria Park, London, U.K. ©Paulius Savickas

What are the Yoga postures, Sun Salutations, breathing exercises, meditation and other exotic “Yoga stuff” is about? Why do people call them Yoga? I wouldn’t really call them Yoga in the same way I wouldn’t call a pair of good hiking shoes a view from the top of the mountain. These things are just the means to facilitate the journey by activating and purifying the inner intuition.

By doing yoga postures, some other processes are happening which are not merely physical, but certainly after some time of continuous practice you might notice that some chronic pain is gone, posture has improved, particular strength, coordination, and deeper proprioception has developed.

By doing breathing exercises you cleanse and strengthen the nervous system and the energy body. When there’s a free flow of energy within the entire body you can meditate much more easily – the mind is dwelling within the effortless peace. And when the mind is at effortless peace – consciousness can start it’s journey beyond the body and the mind… Feeling of being a part of Oneness, awareness of the Law of Karma, awareness of the Law of Attraction and the glimpses into the Art of Manifestation become more obvious in a day-to-day life. It is also so much easier to transition “from becoming to being”.

Developing Mastery

View from the ancient sacred site – top of the Arunachala mountain in Tiruvannamalai, India ©️ Paulius Savickas

Sadhana – is a Sanskrit word meaning a continuous effort and practice to develop the mastery. It can be applied to any field including the means to facilitate the inner findings. But the real value of Sadhana reveals itself when one practices without attachment to the results, cultivates self- contentment free from the desire of becoming and at the same time maintains maximum effort of one’s own abilities. Real Sadhana helps your efforts to become almost effortless. It helps your limitlessness to soar high while keeping your feet on the ground. It helps to find the peace and easiness within the paradox of human experience.

The jewel of the true Sadhana can be found right here – right now, whatever you do…

Lucid Flow Yoga

Lucid Flow Yoga is a project born out of the personal spiritual practice and is aiming to facilitate harmonious shift towards more light and joyful existence for all of us. Ancient Yogic techniques are the great tools empowering the inner transformation step by step: healing, purification and growth. Once we start practicing – we begin to access a great inner quality of lucidity which helps us to realise that so many wonderful things are possible. I wish you a happy journey in the flow of life and I would be happy to assist you in establishing your own Sadhana – daily practice.
Namaste /|\